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Handy resources

All the info you need to make waste disposal a breeze.

Your resource central

Have a burning question? Instant answers are at your fingertips! Get details on everything you need to make the most of your waste disposal service. And if you need more help, get in touch anytime.

Collection calendar

When’s the D&O truck coming to your house? Which week is recycling picked up? The collection calendar keeps you in the know!

Check the schedule


The what, when, and how of waste disposal — get answers to all your need-to-knows.

Pickup schedule

When’s the D&O truck coming? Quickly find your trash, yard debris, and recycling days.

Collection Calendar

Disposal guide

Get instant info on what goes in which cart — and which materials must stay out of the trash.

Waste Disposal Guide

Drop-off locations

Think outside the recycling cart! Find out where to take large loads and things that require special handling.

Drop Off Locations

Still need answers?

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Fast, friendly help is just a phone call away — and you can message us online too.