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Feb 23 | 2023

Route Information for Thursday, February 23, 2023

Updated at 7:43 am –

Upon further assessment of the areas which we regularly provide service on Thursdays, we had to make the difficult decision that we will not be running any regularly scheduled routes today. We will allow extra equal to your cart/container size on your next regularly scheduled service day for no charge. Thank you for your patience and understanding and know that we value the safety of our drivers and community!

Posted at 6:36 am –

Commercial Front Load Customers:  We will be making every effort to collect garbage for all regularly scheduled Thursday AND Friday customers today (Thursday).  Please ensure that containers are available and accessible and understand that pickup times may vary due to the inclement weather.  We will not be collecting any front load recycling containers today.

Rural Residential Customers:  We will not be running rural routes today for residential garbage or recycling.  We will allow extra garbage and recycling equal to your cart size on the next regularly scheduled service day for no charge. 

City and UGB Residential Customers:  We will be running all garbage routes as scheduled, but be advised that pickup times may vary.  Have garbage carts out and accessible by 6am.  We are prioritizing safety for our drivers, so please understand that if we are not able to get to you today, we will allow extra garbage equal to your cart size on the next service day for no charge. We will not be running any yard debris or recycling routes today as we have all manpower dedicated to collecting garbage safely.

Drop Box Customers:  We will not be running any drop boxes today.

We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding these route modifications.  It is our highest priority to keep our drivers and our community safe during instances of inclement weather. 

Thank you!